Metairie man booked in kidnapping attemp of two small children

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 Date:     3/23/18

Metairie man booked in kidnapping attempt of two small children

Kenner - On Friday, March 23, 2018, the Kenner Police Department arrested, Billy Yoe Budier-Herrera, 33 of Metairie, and charged him with the crimes of 2nd degree kidnapping of a child (2-counts / 2-year-old and infant), aggravated assault (2-counts), illegal carrying of weapons (2-counts), and disturbing the peace.

 At approximately 2 p.m., Budier-Herrera entered the Wal-Mart store, located at 8912 Veterans Boulevard, in Kenner, with a back pack. While inside the business, Budier-Herrera approached a victim mother and her 2-year-old child, who was seated inside a grocery cart, and told the mother if she did not listen to his instructions, she would die. The victim mother attempted to walk away from Budier-Herrera when he blocked the victims’ way, placing his hand on the handle of a machete, causing the mother to fear for she and her child’s safety. Budier-Herrera then told the victim mother that if she did not listen, her son would also die. At this time the victim mother asked for help from store employees, as Budier-Herrera grabbed the 2-year-old, and attempted to remove the child from the grocery cart and flee. The victim mother grabbed her child and a struggle ensued. The victim mother ran behind the counter with her child in the deli section of the store, as store employees arrived to intervene. Budier-Herrera then fled from store employees into the meat / poultry section of the store, which caused alarm to other customers.

 While fleeing, Budier-Herrera turned to face store employees and retrieved a machete from his waistband, and aggressively swung the machete at employees’ who created distance. Budier-Herrera then again fled. While running from store employees, Budier-Herrera observed another victim mother who had her infant child strapped in the child seat of a grocery cart. While armed with the machete, Budier-Herrera attempted to remove the infant from the grocery cart but was prevented from doing so because of the seat strap. Budier-Herrera was then tackled by store employees and a Kenner Police Officer who was working an off-duty detail inside the store and detained him.

 At the time of Budier-Herrera’s arrest, he was in possession of a 10-inch machete, a container of pepper spray, and a makeshift shiv constructed of a plastic handle with razor blades attached by duct tape that had been concealed on his person.

 At the time of this press release, Budier-Herrera remains in custody, no bond has been set. Budier-Herrera was also charged with an immigration detainer.

 Kenner Police Chief Michael J. Glaser encourages any citizen who witnessed this incident to come forward. Kenner Police are aware that numerous customers obtained cell phone video of this incident as it occurred. Chief Glaser asked that witnesses contact Kenner Police Detective Vincent Miranti at (504) 712-2330, Sergeant Jeff Adams at (504) 712-2310, or Crimestoppers at (504) 822-1111.



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