Kenner woman admits to manufacturing meth in a hotel room

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 Date:      3/20/2015 

Kenner woman admits to manufacturing meth in hotel room

 Kenner - On Thursday, March 19, 2015, the Kenner Police Department arrested Lori Lesaicherre, 51, who was charged with the crime of creation or operation of a clandestine lab for unlawful manufacture of a controlled dangerous substance. 

 At 11:47 p.m. (Thursday, March 19th), the Kenner Police Department received a crime tip, that Lesaicherre was manufacturing illegal narcotics at the Contempra Inn, room 116, located at 2820 Williams Boulevard, in Kenner.   Upon officers’ arrival, and knocking at the door, they met with Lesaicherre who was the registered guest who rented the hotel room.  While advising her of the complaint / investigation; officers could smell a distinct odor of ammonia, which is usually associated with methamphetamine.   Inside the room officers located, a metal copper cutter, plastic tubing, plastic lighter fluid containing a white powdery substance, and a pink liquid in a clear plastic bag.  Officers also located several packs of “cold compress,” several packets of “pseudoephedrine” caplets, two bottles of camping fuel, and several opened lithium batteries inside a bag located within a dumpster in close proximity of the hotel room.   Also inside the bag was a paper prescription with Lesaicherre’s name on it.  All items located are precursors or equipment to manufacture methamphetamine.  

 Lesaicherre was interviewed and admitted to officers that she in fact was manufacturing methamphetamine and disposing of the precursors in the dumpster.   Jefferson Parish Hazmat responded to the scene and properly disposed of the items.  At the time of this press release Lesaicherre remains in custody, no bond has been set. 



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