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 Date:       6/13/2014

Kenner man arrested, impersonating a police officer

 Kenner - On June 6, 2014, at approximately 1:30 p.m., a 34 year old female and her children were driving through the parking lot of the Burger King restaurant, located at 1000 West Esplanade Avenue, Kenner, when a gray vehicle pulled in front of her vehicle and came to a sudden stop.   After several moments the gray vehicle did not move at which time the female victim began to honk the horn to her vehicle. 

 At that time white blinking lights were activated on the license plate of the gray vehicle.  A white male, later identified as Patrick Segari, 32, of 3300 Chateau Boulevard, Kenner, exited the vehicle and approached the female victim, stating he was a police officer.   Segari had a holstered weapon on his right hip and had his hand on the weapon.  Segari asked the female victim if she knew the purpose of a horn, telling her that the driver’s test indicates that a horn is for emergency purposes. Segari then asked for the victims’ driver’s license, but another vehicle honked its horn prompting Segari to tell the victim that he would give her a break at which time he walked away.   The victim who reported this incident to police, provided a detailed description of the suspect, and advised the suspect vehicle appeared to be a Ford Crown Victoria having the appearance of a police vehicle with an “ARMY” license plate and the words “Police Interceptor” on the rear. 

 On Friday, June 13, 2014, Kenner Police received a break in the case when Officer Keith Seals spotted a vehicle matching the description of the suspect vehicle traveling in the 1300 block of West Esplanade Avenue, in Kenner.  The vehicle a 1999 Ford Crown Victoria, was found to have an ARMY plate on the rear of the vehicle, a spot light, in addition to police strobe lights, and other police equipment. 

 Segari was interviewed by detectives with the Criminal Investigations Division and admitted that he was involved in an incident with a female over blowing the horn in the 1000 block of West Esplanade Avenue, in Kenner.  Segari further stated that he had worked for the Hattiesburg Police Department, in Mississippi.  Upon contacting the Internal Affairs Division of the Hattiesburg Police Department, it was learned that Segari was never a police officer and had prior arrests in the year 2013 for impersonating a police officer and as a federal agent in Mississippi.    

 Segari is actually employed by Vinson Guard Service a security company.  Segari was arrested and charged with one (1) count of impersonating a police officer.  Chief Steve Caraway urges anyone with information concerning Patrick Segari or having been stopped by him to call Kenner Police Detective Michael Archuleta at (504) 712-2253 or Crimestoppers at (504) 822-1111.   At the time of this press release Segari remains in custody, no bond has been set.  Photographs of Segari and his vehicle are included with this press release.   

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