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Date: 10/14/2013


Georgia men arrested in check cashing scheme  

 Kenner - Two Georgia men have been arrested and remain in custody charged with multiple counts of identity theft, access device fraud, bank fraud, possession of stolen property, fake documents, and criminal conspiracy to commit bank fraud. 

 On Friday, October 11, 2013, Terrell Washington, 24, and Jared Harris 23, both of Riverdale, Georgia entered a Kenner Wal-Mart and attempted to cash fraudulent checks without an identification card.  A cashier requested identification at which time one produced a fictitious identification card and both began arguing with the cashier who notified management and an off duty Kenner Police detail officer working the location.    

 Kenner Police Lieutenant Richard Mottley who was working the off duty detail stopped both Washington and Harris as they attempted to exit Wal-Mart and flee the location.  At the time of stop, one dropped a check and stepped on it in an effort to hide it.  Washington and Harris subsequently continued to create a disturbance resulting in their arrest for disturbing the peace.  Upon arrest, both were found to be in possession of multiple identification cards bearing there photographs with false names and addresses. 

 Upon conducting an investigation on the checks they were attempting to cash, it was learned that one of the checks they were attempting to negotiate was a SSI check for a 7 year old child in Alabama.  The family of the child had applied for benefits and was awaiting the check which never came.  In addition, one of the fictitious identification cards in the arrestees’ possession bore the same name of the person listed as the payee on the check. 

 Detectives summoned to the Wal-Mart also located the vehicle both Washington and Harris arrived in a 2013 Nissan Maxima.  Detectives obtained and executed a search warrant on the vehicle at which time the following items were located and seized:

 ·        An envelope containing 22 U.S. Treasury checks made payable to different persons with addresses in Alabama and Georgia 

 ·        A semi-automatic pistol with additional magazines (loaded / 9 millimeter)

 ·        An envelope containing over $13,000 in cash

 ·        Various Wal-Mart receipts indicating several successful check cashes

 ·        Receipts indicating that both Washington and Harris were traveling since September 26th, and had been to Indianapolis, South Carolina, Arkansas, and Louisiana

 ·        24 fictitious driver’s licenses containing photographs of both Washington and Harris and different names.  18 of the fictitious driver’s licenses bore names that matched payees on the checks found 

 ·        A box of clear plastic security sleeves used to manufacture fictitious identification cards

 ·        1.5 grams of marijuana

 Through the evidence listed it was obvious that both Washington and Harris were traveling to Wal-Mart’s state to state to cash stolen and fraudulent checks. 

 If Washington and Harris would have been successful in cashing the checks found in their car, they would have obtained $65,434.21.   

Washington was charged with the following crimes:

 Identity theft                                         (14-counts)

 Fake documents                                   (14-counts)

 Access device fraud                              (24-counts)

 Possession of stolen property                (1-count)

 Bank fraud                                           (1-count)

 Criminal conspiracy / bank fraud           (23-counts)

 Possession of marijuana

 Possession of a firearm by a person in possession of a CDS

 Harris was charged with:

 Identity theft                                         (8-counts)

 Fake documents                                   (8-counts)

 Access device fraud                              (24-counts)

 Possession of stolen property                (1-count)

 Bank fraud                                           (1-count)

 Criminal conspiracy / bank fraud           (23-counts)

 Possession of marijuana

 Possession of a firearm by a person in possession of a CDS

 At the time of the press release, both Washington and Harris remain in custody.  Washington’s bond has been set at $322,000.  Harris’ bond has been set at $284,000. 

 The investigation continues.  Additional charges are expected. 

 Chief Steve Caraway urges anyone with information concerning these incidents, to call the Kenner Police Detective David Stromeyer at (504) 712-2214, or Crimestoppers at (504) 822-1111.  Detective Stromeyer is in charge of the investigation.

 Kenner Police Department website:

 It should be noted that on June 2, 2013, Washington was arrested by the St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office for similar charges concerning the Wal-Mart, located at 13001 US 90, Boutte.  See St. Charles Parish item number F-00201-13.


Steve Caraway

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