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Contact:  Sgt. Brian McGregor


Office:    (504) 712-2252

Date:      November 12, 2011




KENNER - Two people have been arrested in reference to a series of Catalytic Converter thefts that specifically targeted Toyota 4-Runners, in Kenner. 

On Thursday, November 10, 2011, members of the Kenner Police Department were investigating six thefts in which Catalytic Converters were cut and/or removed from Toyota 4-Runnerís parked throughout Kenner.  In one case, the victim advised he had just arrived home and encountered a Hispanic male walking from behind his Toyota 4-Runner with a reciprocating saw (Sawzall / tool used to cut Catalytic Converters from vehicles) in hand.  While confronting the Hispanic male, the victim observed a second Hispanic male acting as a lookout.  The Hispanic males fled to a awaiting 1990ís or 2000 model silver, tan, or white SUV that had a spare tire on the rear hatch. 

At approximately, 11:10 p.m., Thursday, November 10, 2011, detectives with the Kenner Police Department and members of the Special Response Team were patrolling the area of the 4400 block of Williams Boulevard, (Kenner) when they observed a silver Isuzu Trooper (SUV) traveling north in the 4300 block of Georgia Avenue (Kenner).  The vehicle matched the description previously provided by witnesses, in that it was a SUV and had a spare tire on the rear hatch.  Detectives maintained visual surveillance on the Isuzu Trooper and observed the vehicle pull into the parking lot which runs between the 4300 blocks of Georgia and Idaho Avenue.  The vehicle backed into a parking spot and two subjects exited.  Both subjects approached a Toyota 4 Runner which was also parked within the same parking lot. 

Detectives posted near the Toyota 4-Runner then heard noises consistent with someone working on a vehicle and other noises consistent with a reciprocating saw being operated.  Detectives observed both subjects walk back toward the awaiting vehicle carrying a large object in his hand.  Detectives approached the two subjects and identified themselves as police officers and attempted to initiate a stop.  One of the subjects identified as Godofredo Maradiaga Bonilla, 38, of Houston Texas, fled on foot, and was captured and arrested.  Bonilla was found to be in possession of the reciprocating saw, additional saw blades, wrenches, and spray lubricant.  The second male entered the vehicle, at which time detectives discovered that a awaiting driver, who claims to be Carlos Matamoros, 30 of Harvey, sitting in driver seat of the perpetrator vehicle.  Matamoros and the passenger were ordered by detectives to exit the vehicle.  Both refused to comply with verbal commands at which time Matamoros placed the vehicle in gear and raced toward a police detective in an attempt to strike the detective to make good his escape.  Matamoros was shot by the detective he attempted to run over.  Matamoros sped away at a high rate of speed and ran a red light, at 44th & Williams Boulevard, struck a curb, knocked down several traffic signs, and crashed into the parking lot where the vehicle came to a stop.  Matamoros and the third Hispanic male exited the vehicle and began to run.  Matamoros was captured and taken into custody.  The third Hispanic male fled into the wooded area at Joe Yenni and Williams Boulevard.    

Inside the Isuzu Trooper detectives observed several Catalytic Converters.  Kenner Police Department, assisted by Louisiana State Police and the Jefferson Parish Sheriffís Office searched the wooded area for the third suspect to no avail.  Matamoros was later interviewed by police and admitted the he drove the Isuzu Trooper and the two accomplices to the location to steal car parts.  He also admitted to being in the United States illegally; and had never possessed a valid driverís license.  

Matamoros was found to have previous arrests under alias names.  Matamoros had provided the name Bairon Murillo concerning a June 2006 arrest for disturbing the peace, in Kenner.  He was also found to have provided the name Donay Matamoros during a January 17, 2010 arrest for operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated and proper control of a vehicle.  In both incidents, Matamoros did not attend court and a bench warrant was issued for his arrest.  Investigators are working with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to verify the identities of the two who claim to be Carlos Matamoros and Godofredo Bonilla who are both in the country illegally. 

During the investigation; detectives discovered that the two suspects had cut a Catalytic Converter from the Toyota 4-Runner that was parked in the parking lot in the 4300 block of Idaho Avenue.  They were also linked to a second incident in the 4500 block of Williams Boulevard. 

Matamoros was charged with the following crimes:

          Attempt first degree murder (peace officer)

          Felony theft (7 counts)

          Simple criminal damage to property (7-counts)

          Attempt theft

          Illegal carrying of weapons (burglar tools)

          Resisting an officer

          Reckless operation of a motor vehicle

          No driverís license 

          Immigration detainer

Bonilla did not cooperate with police.  He was charged with the following crimes:

          Felony theft (7-counts)

          Simple criminal damage to property (7-counts)

          Attempt theft

          Illegal carrying of weapons (burglar tools)

          Resisting and officer

          Immigration detainer. 

Locations where Catalytic Converters were taken from vehicles are as follows:

        4500 block of Williams Boulevard

        4300 block of Idaho Avenue

        Emile Avenue (2 incidents)

        4100 block Florida Avenue

        505 Sunset Boulevard

        Trinidad Avenue

        100 block of John Hopkins

        3300 block of Ole Miss Drive (attempt)

At the time of this press release both Matamoros and Bonilla remain in custody; no bond has been set.   Matamoros received a gunshot wound to the hand.  He was treated at a local hospital and released to police custody.  No officers were injured in this incident.  The investigation is ongoing.  It is believed Matamoros and Bonilla has committed similar thefts outside Kenner.  Kenner Police is working with the Fusion Center and other police agencies concerning the theft of Catalytic Converters.     

Chief Steve Caraway urges anyone with information concerning these incidents, to call the Kenner Police Department at (504) 712-2222 or Crimestoppers at (504) 822-1111. 

Kenner Police Detective Charlotte Synigal is in charge of the investigation. 

Crimestoppers website: